Are you spending too much on your fleet?

Since 1973, IFM has saved companies tens of millions of dollars by reducing their cost of:

  • Full-Service Truck Leasing
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Dedicated Contract Carriage
  • Diesel Fuel
Full-Service Truck Leasing
Contract Maintenance
Dedicated Contract Carriage
Diesel Fuel
Improve your bottom line with no risk.
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Our Client Engagements Include:

Fleet and Fuel Invoice Audit

A detailed review of past invoices to identify possible billing errors and credits due.

Diesel Fuel Spend Analysis

An assessment of how your fuel costs compare to benchmarks and average costs in the marketplace.

Fleet Contract Analysis

A comprehensive study of every tractor, truck, and trailer in your fleet to determine opportunities to improve contract rates and terms.

Fleet Vendor Negotiations

A knowledge-based approach to working with you and your fleet vendors to implement cost savings while protecting your relationships and the services you currently enjoy.
We only get paid when you save!
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The Industry Leader for 50 Years

IFM’s Founder and CEO, Jack Mandato, started his career as a full-service truck leasing sales executive in 1966. He recognized that fleet contracts were not created equally. A company’s costs were the result of how well they were able to negotiate with their vendors. Pricing was simply what the market would bear.

Fleet operators lacked visibility into the market to understand how competitive their rates and terms were. The complexity of the contracts and their financial implications were underestimated. Excessive costs and one-sided terms were, and always have been common.

Jack Mandato founded IFM in 1973 to represent the interests of fleet operators with independent, objective advice. For the last half of a century IFM has been driven by our passion to improve your costs and help you make informed fleet decisions. IFM’s risk-free consulting engagement makes it easy for you to take advantage of our unique expertise.
IFM has secured tens of millions of dollars in savings for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Smithfield Foods

“We’re not consulting oriented, but IFM’s tenacious commitment to the fact that they could save us money convinced us to give them a chance. And were they right!”

The Sherwin-Williams Company

“Sherwin-Williams has done business with IFM since 1993…IFM has repeatedly come through with tangible savings and has protected our interest in the process.”

Prime Source Foods

"With IFM, we found someone like us who believed in negotiating from a win-win perspective that could lead to long-term strategic relationships with vendors.”

The Palmer Donavin Manufacturing Company

“Their thorough approach to getting to know our team and to understand our business led to a successful evaluation of our equipment finance, maintenance and fueling strategies.”
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