Why Choose IFM?

Your executives and transportation professionals are the experts when it comes to running your business. IFM is the expert when it comes to identifying and negotiating fleet cost savings. Let us be an extension of your team. Our time and expertise will produce returns for your bottom line.


We evaluate thousands of pieces of equipment each year. We represent clients with all the national and regional lease, maintenance, and fuel vendors.


We have advised hundreds of companies on how to improve their profits by eliminating unnecessary and excessive spend. Our team has more than 200 years combined experience in negotiating full-service truck leases, dedicated contract carriage agreements, contract maintenance and fuel pricing. Do you have someone on your team equally qualified to represent your interests in these areas?


We only get paid when you save. At worst, an IFM engagement results in a free, expert financial health check on your fleet. The best-case, and most common scenario, is a dramatic improvement to your bottom line.

Recent Client Savings Examples

Operating a fleet is a significant expense. Your company deserves to know how its costs and terms stack up to the best of what the market has to offer. The difference between what you currently pay and what you could pay directly impacts your bottom line.

Client TypeNumber of VehiclesSavings

Furniture Rental277$1,355,420

Batteries/Energy Storage19$164,500


Food and Convenience Distribution9$132,980

Food Distribution27$368,240

Building Material Distribution68$588,000

Our Approach to Business

Long term partnerships are always the goal when we engage with a new client. Many of our clients have been with IFM for decades.

We want to make it as easy for you as possible to take advantage of our expertise. We have developed a risk-free engagement process that requires very little time from you but keeps you in control.

A deal is only sustainable if it works for all parties involved. We understand your vendors need to make a reasonable profit which is why we only make reasonable recommendations that will protect your relationships, your service levels, and your profitability.
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