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We are lowering the costs of over 10,500 tractors, trucks, and trailers and 10,000 pieces of material handling equipment for our current clients. Our team of experts is exposed to more fleet costs and contract structures than even the most experienced private fleet operator. We will use our expertise to:

Analyze your current spending versus best-in-class pricing
Review your billing for accuracy and overcharges
Ensure your contract terms are fair and protect your best interests
Negotiate with your vendors using knowledge based solutions that maximize savings while protecting your vendor relationship and the services you currently enjoy.

Fleet Financial Evaluation

We help you find and implement cost savings opportunities in:

  • CatagoryImages-TruckFull service leasing
  • Finance leasing
  • Maintenance contracts
  • Equipment acquisition
  • Dedicated contract carriage
  • Taxation applied to fleet operators

Fuel Cost Audit

We have the industry know-how to compare your costs to benchmarks and trends, identify the most efficient and cost effective ways for you to buy fuel, and ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

Regardless of how you are buying fuel, we can help you reduce your costs. We have expertise in:

  • CatagoryImages-GasLessor fuel
  • Retail and over the road fuel
  • Bulk fuel
  • Mobile fuel
  • Fuel/fleet card programs

Material Handling Review

Our material handling team will evaluate the economics of your fleet, and also has the expertise to provide operational analysis relative to safety, workflow, specification assessment and fleet size.

Economic Evaluation

  • CatagoryImages-ForkLiftAcquisition Costs / Lease Structures
  • Maintenance Spend and Structure
  • Equipment life-cycle optimization

Other Services Include

  • Fleet right sizing
  • Asset & Maintenance Management
  • Cost Tracking and Reporting
  • Complete fleet management services



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